Elected Officials

State Senator, 27th District

Jim Ananich

State Representative, 50th District

Tim Sneller

State Representative, 49th District

John Cherry

State Representative, 34th District

Cynthia Neeley

State Representative, 48th District

Sheryl Kennedy

Flint City Councilwoman, 9th Ward

Eva Worthing

Genesee County Commissioner, 1st District

Braynt Nolden

Genesee County Commissioner, 3rd District

Ellen Ellenburg

Genesee County Commissioner, 4th District

Kim Courts

Chair of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners

Martin Cousineau

Genesee County Commissioner, 5th District

Mark Young

Genesee County Prosecutor

David Leyton

Genesee County Sheriff

Chris Swanson

Genesee County Treasurer

Deb Cherry

State Representative, 12th District

Alex Garza

State Representative, 68th District

Sarah Anthony

State Senator, District 1

Stephanie Chang

Community Leaders

Candidate for Genesee County Commissioner

Gary Peppin

Amy Anderson

Debbie Sorrell

Dondre Young

Secretary, Genesee County Young Dems.

Annie Cross

Bobbie Walton

Secretary, Genesee County Leadership Corps

Kiara Powell

Jenna Le

Michelle Gushen

President, Genesee County Young Dems.

Dan Moilanen

Vice President, Genesee County Young Dems.

Charis Lee

John Sorrell

Mookie Clemons

April Ausby

CD 5 Progressive Caucus

Abel Delgado

Baylee Secore

Genesee County Democratic Black Caucus

Gerri Hall

Genesee County Progressive Caucus

Maryion Lee