As your County Commissioner, Domonique is working to fight for what matters in Genesee County. It's time for everyone to come together to solve our problems collaboratively. Together we can, and we will build a brighter future for Genesee County.

Roads, Infrastructure and Blight

The conditions of our roads is more than an embarrassment - it deters economic growth, requires our residents to make costly auto repairs and is a safety hazard. The fight to fix our infrastructure is not just a state issue, but a local issue as well. Our drivers deserve quality roads and bridges, and Domonique will fight at the county level for increased road funding and ensure that road projects are done on time and within budget, while finding long term solutions to address our aging infrastructure.

Blight removal must be a top priority for our county. We live in a beautiful community and it is time for Genesee County to strengthen the partnership with the City of Flint to work towards blight removal to improve and beautify our community, enhance public safety, and create more opportunity for economic development.

Transparency & Accountability

We need leaders who will shed light on county government. The people of the Greater Flint area deserve to know their elected officials are making decisions that are in the best interests of our community. Domonique has been committed during his entire career to putting an end to pay-to-play politics, and the shady dealmaking of past elected leaders.

Domonique wants to help bring government to you. He is committed to making sure you are aware of what is happening in county government, and you know the many county resources available to our residents.

Jobs and the Economy

Domonique will oppose attacks on working families that drive wages down and cost us jobs. He will fight for middle class families and end handouts for corporations that ship our jobs overseas. Too many of our residents are working for poverty wages and struggling to put food on the table. No one who works hard should live below the poverty line in Genesee County. Domonique supports growing our economy from the middle out with high-wage, high-skilled jobs.

It's time to help put our residents back to work by attracting new job providers to Genesee County while also supporting small businesses that drive our economy. Let's celebrate when companies like Lear and GM reinvest in our community and bring home strong union jobs, but lets also look towards new opportunities for development and growth centered around our community assets like our three hospitals and four institutions of higher education. As your commissioner, Domonique will encourage mixed-use investment and development. Downtown Flint and the Miller Road corridor should be hubs for the entire community to enjoy: families, retirees, professionals, young adults, and children.

We must diversify job growth by promoting a high educational standard with opportunities and training in high-paying skilled jobs.


As a strategy assistant with the Michigan College Access Network, Domonique fought tirelessly to provide resources and reduce barriers to attaining a postsecondary credential for low-income families, first generation college-goers, and students of color. We know that across the state of Michigan we need 70% college attainment by the year 2020 to meet the demands of the labor market, however in Genesee County our attainment rate is only 34%

We must reinvest in our future by fighting against the dangerous cuts to local schools. We need to provide our kids with a high-quality education and prepare them for a knowledge based economy. Great schools are the key to strong neighborhoods and essential to attracting new families to Flint. Domonique will work on new and innovative ways for county government to partner with local school districts to ensure all Genesee County kids have the resources they need to eventually compete for jobs.

Genesee County students deserve every opportunity to succeed. We can help through quality early education programs, additional funding for local districts, and making sure college and job training programs are affordable and available to all students.

The Environment

Michigan is known for its abundance of fresh water. Living in the great lakes state, we must be good stewards of our environment and ensure our most precious natural resource endures for future generations. Every community has a responsibility to do their part to sustain and protect our environment. Domonique emphasizes the clean-up and redevelopment of industrial brown-fields, not only to protect our soil and waterways, but also to spur increased development.