Why I'm Running

I believe if we work together, we can build the type of community we can be proud to call home. As a non-profit leader and political organizer, I have worked tirelessly to create change and progress. As your commissioner, I'll work every day to do the same.

I understand the challenges that Genesee County working families face, because I’ve lived them. For years, politicians have put profit over people. We need our county government to prioritize working people and advocate our success. I’m honored to lead and fight for you. It's far past time to put better lives over bottom lines.

I am running because we can no longer settle for politics as usual.. We need a County Commission that will invest in every community fairly, while supporting better-paying jobs, accessible education, clean drinking water and housing that fits every budget.

Together, we can build a brighter future for Genesee County!

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